Let Southern help you.

Southern Design is a full service creative studio based in Sydney. We are a team of passionate creative minds that enjoy working with our clients. We devise brand strategies and amazing creative solutions in graphic and digital design that achieve successful outcomes.

Sam Safi
Managing Director

Likes: spanish music. walking adventures. dancing. coffee. seinfeld. lebanese bbq’s. skiing. another coffee or two. creative thinking.

Dislikes: bad service. low talkers. public transport. slow drivers. mess. bad coffee. pessimists. reality tv.

Carly Hickson
Senior Designer

Likes: animals. cocktails. van adventures. cuddles with Obi. the ocean. travel. daylight savings. sound of a kookaburra in the morning.

Dislikes: ignorance. biting nails. moths. cooking. the word pop. fake people. when people don’t reply.

Matt Karam

Likes: fridays. sports. pizza. ice ice baby. the cold side of the pillow. coriander. drinks. mexican food. good font choices. clean web coding.

Dislikes: mondays. country music. sneezing while driving. selfie sticks. packed trains. pineapple on pizza.

Meg Kelly

Likes: almond lattes. hikes. avocados. making jewellery. the perfect pinterest board. a friday night cheese platter and rosé. board games.

Dislikes: the cold. when your scratch disks are full. being late. pistachios that don’t open. cardio.

Joel Hampson

Likes: indy movies. new books. old books. a good adventure. the arctic monkeys. really nice packaging.

Dislikes: sunburn. wet socks. cold mornings. low battery. writing about myself. traffic. random chance. ugly fonts.

Jackson Safi
Client Services

Likes: basketball. pineapple on pizza. cheeseburgers. bruce lee movies. the smell of fire during winter. drivers that correctly indicate.

Dislikes: ginger. reality tv. slow talkers. green beans. the colour yellow. slow eaters. online shopping.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Pawsonal Assistant

Likes: sticks. watermelon. fishy treats. adventures with my pawrents. zoomies. destroying toys. the cold. cuddles with mum.

Dislikes: vacuum cleaner. wind. flies. being woken up. sitting still. food envy. when people dont say hello to me.