Web Layout Trends

Do you want an eye catching, memorable and user friendly website? Then these top web layout frends are exactly what you need.

1. Split screen
Traditional web layouts are organised according to the importance of the information displayed. However, if there is two (or more) areas of equal importance the easiest way to display this information without disrupting their hierarchy is through the use of split screens.

2. Minimalism
A common trend is to remove the bounding boxes containing the page’s information. This minimalist approach can assist with eliminating distractions and also highlights the main ideas of the website.

3. Modular or Grid Based
This type of layout design is responsive and flexible as it adapts to the size of the screen.

4. Filling a Single Screen
This layout is a subset of responsive design as it fill the whole screen by adapting to its size. The removal of scroll bars causes all the information to remain within the constraints of the screen.