2015 Logo trends

Redefinition of the logo
In the past, most logo designs have been fairly static and self-contained with only a small margin of designers breaking the constraints of typical logo design. This is understandable as a logo has the ability to make or break a business so most companies would rather play it safe. In 2015, it has become increasingly evident that designers are creating more and more flexible designs with revolutionary ideas that business’ are adapting to.

Custom Letterforms
When the digital age arrived many designers neglected to exercise their custom crafted typography skills. Over the past few years custom type has become more and more popular and is currently booming in 2015.

Dynamic Logos & Logo Sets
Even the best logos can become stale over time. As a method to combat that stagnation, dynamic logos have become increasingly popular. Having a logo that changes can create dynamism and will keep the brand and identity fresh. Rather than focusing strictly on a singular logo, designers now have to consider how that logo will adapt and function throughout a brand.

Simple & Honest
Many users are in search of companies with ethics and personalities that they approve of and can relate to. In order to give the company a honest and authentic essence, many logos are being stripped back to their bare essentials. Analog mediums are being utilised to give brands a personal touch and are incorporated into the logo to assist with the audience building a connection with the company.

Focus on Wordmarks
As companies are always developing or redeveloping, logo designs are constantly being invented. This results in consumers drowning in a sea of visual stimuli that is affecting their ability to connect traditional makers with the respective company. Workmarks can assist by improving a brand’s recognition and can also work as a logotype by itself as it is already complete and self-contained.

The case of a logo has always been skewed in favour of uppercase. This could be due to the fact that lowercase is considered informal and experimental. However, in 2015 designers are discovering methods to make lowercase more approachable for corporate identities by making them both friendly and professional.

Spot Colours
A lot of designs in 2015 are emerging using spot colour as it is often visually stronger on paper and more cost effective than process colours.

Conceptual Refinement
Due to logo design no longer being an elitist medium, designers are having to give purpose to designs by ensuring they make sense on a conceptual level. This has resulted in many conceptually simple and concise logos.

Stenciled Typography
Stenciled letterforms are down-to-earth and give a hand crafted vibe to a logo design. It can also be associated with minimalism as the unnecessary parts of a letter remain intact on the stencil and therefore blocked out on the print.